What is a "MoonGlow Blanket ® ?

  • A blanket that lights-up and glows at night without electricity or batteries
  • A comforter that children can easily find in the darkest of rooms
  • A fun and novel idea that appeals to a childs' imagination
  • Made from snugly, luxury Fleece with pastel glowing edges
  • Your child's new night time "best friend"... no more night lights!

How does the MoonGlow BLANKET ® work?

  • We use a patented, safe, state of the art glow fabric
  • Lay your new blanket down with the room light on for only 5 to 10 minutes - the Glow is immediate and lasts up to 8 hours or even longer
  • Long lasting, easy to care for quality fleece
  • Hassle free washing
  • To ACTIVATE the glow; simply lay it under any light for 10 minutes!